Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue Needs Your Help

The Pennsylvania Dutch Market is proud to support the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue (MAGSR), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and is asking for your help in their time of need.

MAGSR recently announced its participation in the rescue and rehabilitation of hundreds of purebred German Shepherd dogs from a puppy mill located in rural Georgia.  Hundreds of intact dogs have been living outside, with limited or no shelter, and were found covered in mud, feces and urine.  The dogs were never provided medical care, enough food or access to clean water.   A clear and horrendous case of mass abuse.  MAGSR received 38 of these dogs (the others were sent to various rescue organizations along the East Coast) and is in the process of vetting them.  The following is a statement from MAGSR:

“These dogs have never known the basic things all dogs deserve to know – food, love, a warm place to sleep, and playtime.  MAGSR needs the public’s help to ensure we are prepared to tackle this massive undertaking.  Donations are always a high priority.  MAGSR also needs volunteers willing to become foster families for these dogs who need it so much.”

There’re other ways you can help…. Volunteer your time and walk the dogs, assist with transportation to vet appointments, make reference calls, etc.

Please help us help the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue and give these poor German Shepherds the love and care they so desperately need and deserve.