Side of Beef (Front and Hindquarter)


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40 lbs. Ground Chuck

12 lbs. Delmonico Steaks

16 lbs. Chuck Roasts

10 lbs. Shoulder Roasts

6 lbs. Beef Cubes

10 lbs. Brisket

18 lbs. T-bone/Porterhouse Steaks

8 lbs. Sirloin Steaks

4 lbs. Tri-Tip

4 lbs. Eye Roast

9 lbs. Rump Roast

10 lbs. Top Round

8 lbs. Sirloin Tip

14 lbs. Ground Chuck

3 lbs. Beef  Cubes

2 lbs. Flank Steaks

10 lbs. Extra Lean Ground Beef


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