Weekly Specials

Sweet Bologna & Cheese Tray

Blue Mountain Deli

25% OFF

Haug Wings

Ben’s BBQ

Each Haug Wing weighs approximately 1/4 lb. each

$1.99 Each

WAS $8.99/lb.

Fresh Party Wings

Ben’s Fresh Poultry


WAS $3.89/lb.

Grab-N-Go Vegetables & Dip

Berry Blossom Farm Market


WAS $3.99

Ham Salad

Blue Mountain Deli


WAS $7.49/lb.

Vegetable Pizza with Bacon Pan

Blue Mountain Deli


WAS $12.50/Pan

Poly Sleds/Tobaggons

Country Craftsmen Outdoor Furniture

20% OFF

NY Strip Steaks

J&D Meats


WAS $13.99/lb.

Beef Bacon

J&D Meats


WAS $7.99/lb.

Golden Roasted Turkey Breast

J&D Meats


WAS $6.89/lb.

Chicken Wing, Drum & Thigh Platter

The Farmer’s Cookhouse

Served with 2 Sides and a warm roll


WAS $9.77

Free Cheese Pizza

The Pizza Corner

Purchase any 2 Pizzas and get a 16" Cheese Pizza for FREE

Free 16" Cheese Pizza

With the purchase of any 2 Pizzas

Tuna Melt Sandwich

Verna’s Sub Shop

Served with a Dill Pickle Spear and a 16 oz. Soda


WAS $9.08

Soup of the Week

Verna’s Sub Shop

Stuffed Pepper

Featured Item

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