Weekly Specials

Chicken Salad Wrap

Verna’s Sub Shop

Served with Chips, Dill Pickle Spear and 16 oz. Soda


WAS $7.98

Local Spinach

Berry Blossom Farm Market


WAS $3.99/Bag

Ham Salad

Blue Mountain Deli


WAS $7.49/lb.

Macaroni Salad

Blue Mountain Deli


WAS $3.79/lb.

American Cheese

Blue Mountain Deli

Sliced White or Yellow


WAS $3.79/lb.

Spread of the Week

Blue Mountain Deli

Cajun Crab

$1.00 Off per Container & $2.00 Off per Pint

Wood Gliders

Country Craftsmen Outdoor Furniture

25% Off all Wood Gliders

25% OFF

Reading Glass Bottled Sodas

Dutch Twist Pretzels

All Flavors

$1.25 per Bottle

WAS $1.75 per Bottle

Iced Lattes

Dutch Twist Pretzels

$3.99 Any Size

WAS $4.29/Small & $4.89/Large

Chicken Breast & Drum Platter

The Farmer’s Cookhouse

Served with 2 Sides and a fresh Dinner Roll


WAS $9.35

Veggie Pizza

The Pizza Corner

$2.65 per Slice

WAS $2.99 per Slice

Soup of the Week

Verna’s Sub Shop

Tomato Bisque

Featured Item